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Turn your client database into a roaring fanbase!

Our program is second to none in building Top of Mind Awareness. We do the work to help you engage with your clients like never before.

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Text N' Touch is designed to help you stay in touch with your fanbase in a super simple way

Don't just advertise, Connect! Connect - Brand - Retain

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Custom Text Campaigns

We help you stay in touch with your fanbase in a super simple way. 

We design the campaigns for you!

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“We are connecting to our current and past customers through your great system and they love it!” 


—  Brad's Carpet Cleaning

Ready to engage your fanbase?

Try TextN'Touch by simply texting your first name to (810) 442-4604. Instantly receive a sample Text. You will see how our personalized custom text messages work!

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Signing up is simple! Just download our app by searching for TNT CONNECTS in the app stores or clicking the icons below, fill out a few things and we will notify you when your account is set up.

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