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Mortgage Loan Originator

Justin Kidd

"I do all sorts of marketing and spend all sorts of money on marketing. Out of all the things that we do, TNT is the most cost-effective and brings me the most business every single month. I can't even imagine my business without TNT today."
Real Estate Agent

Shane Adams

"Every time we send out a campaign I always get at least one or two good solid referral for either a buyer or a seller. If you are considering using a system, I definitely consider using TNT!"
Mortgage Loan Originator

Cody Clark

"Each month my campaign goes out, I get anywhere between four and five leads. I couldn't see my business any different. Text and Touch is the way!"
Mortgage Loan Originator

Robert Enright

"All I can say is if you're not on the Guaranteed Growth system, you're missing out. I'm closing a deal right now with a borrower who is a thousand miles away and I haven't seen in over five years. Text and Touch coming right in front of his face and Rapid App is making sure everything goes super smooth. The results speak for itself. If you're not on it, you need to get on it!"

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