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“We are connecting to our current and past customers through your great system and they love it!”
—  Brad's Carpet Cleaning
“Best program I've ever seen! Never before have we had the ability to reach so many for so little.”​
—  Shaheen Chevrolet
“The fact that we don't have to do anything is the key. Instantly we can reach thousands of people ”​
—  Cason Home Loans
Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will a campaign cost me?
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Your Campaign cost is subject to vary depending on the amount of contacts you have in our system. Example: 500 contacts x .12 = $60 for each campaign
Is my database secure and safe
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Absolutely. Not only is your database safe and secure but it’s your own. We just manage your data so you can stay top of mind with your database. If ever you decide you don’t want to use TNT services, we immediately give your data back to you. We don’t share or sell your information or your contacts information.
Am I able to customize my own campaign designs?
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Currently, no. We do provide several options each month to give you a selection. We also have a dedicated team that designs and writes your campaigns so that no one is offended and accepted universally. There will be some customization options coming in 2023.
Can I add or delete contacts from my database?
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Yes. You have complete control of adding and deleting 24 hours a day in your mobile app or our website
Can I decide what day my campaigns go out?
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No. Our team is constantly studying the best days and times to send out with the greatest impact and responses. It’s our goal that your clients are with groups of people when receiving campaigns.
Will my contact ever receive TNT campaigns from anyone else?
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Never. Our campaigns will remain unique and special. Therefore, once a contact is assigned to a TNT user, they will not be assigned to another user.
What if I have contacts in my database that are already receiving campaigns from someone else?
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On initial syncing of your phone, or uploading of a .csv file, those contacts will not be added into your database.When adding one contact manually, you will receive a notification informing you that the contact is already assigned and not eligible to receive any others.
Can you send the campaigns from my cell phone number?
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Unfortunately, we do not have the capability of sending the campaigns from your cell phone number. We provide a number that is only your number, it has the same area code, and the campaigns are sent from that number.
What happens if someone tries to call that number?
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If someone tries to call the number we provide, it will be forwarded to your cell phone.
How do I see my Text Responses?
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The text responses are forwarded to your phone via a single text chain. You can also view by logging in online and going to the “Text Chat” feature.You will also be able to see them in Phase 2 of the App
How do I respond to each text response?
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You can respond to your text responses three ways. 1. You can respond via your cell phone number; you will have to create a new text chain in your phone. 2. You can respond via the Text Chat feature on our website. 3. Via the app’s “Text Chat” feature
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