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There's a lot going on at AGENTS TNT - We are in the final testing stages of our latest mobile app release (coming later this month).   We have added SO MANY new features and enhanced our look.   We hope you love it as much as we do!

Meet | Connect | Organize

Here's a sneak peek:

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We will blast out an official notification the moment it goes live along with a detailed email outlining the new features.  We can PROMISE you - It's super EASY to use!


Now with millions of texts sent via Agents TNT we have exciting results to share with you:  The biggest question real estate agents have for us is "what can I expect from Agents TNT"? Well, we decided to dive into the numbers to give agents hard core data and the RESULTS are in...  Here's a recap for you to review:

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Every 250 contacts in your Agents TNT database = 3-5 ADDITIONAL transactions per year (you would not have gotten otherwise).   The key is you HAVE to send a TNT campaign EVERY MONTH!   So, you can clearly see that Agents following the system are getting some serious ROI!


We want to always encourage you to share any suggestions with our team - we welcome any and all ideas to help you simplify your business and GET MORE RESULTS!


Your May Design Catalog has been sent to you! Please refer back to your TNT Corporate Text thread and find the link we sent! Be sure to get your selection in early as possible as these can now SELL OUT!  

-Your dedicated AGENTS TNT Team



To align with our corporate mission to help realtors WIN, we are extremely excited to announce that we have officially changed our name to:

This is just the beginning of adding in new features and benefits to help our real estate agents. We truly are on a mission to create the most user friendly, affordable and EFFECTIVE CRM alternative for realtors!

March: Stay Tuned...we are brainstorming!

We Are Changing Things Up! 

Stay tuned! We are taking the month of March to do some MAJOR revamping! Stay tuned!! As always, thank you for being a part of our TNT family!

February Update & Dynamite Responses!

We kindly request a few minutes of your time to thoroughly read this message, as it contains an abundance of exciting updates, changes, and new features. Brace yourselves for the multitude of amazing things coming your way this year!!


Birthday and Anniversary Texts: 

We want to remind you to take a moment to add in your birthday and anniversary dates under the customer profile! Take a moment to watch our "How To" video on adding in these special occasions. 

Almost There! 

Our "My Leads" and "Meet and Great" features are ALMOST READY to launch! We will provide real time updates as these become available. See our January newsletter below to learn more about these exciting app features. 


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Dynamite Responses!


"Thanks a lot man, I don't know if you know but these texts mean a lot to me that you send out randomly. They go a long way. As soon as I start looking, you'll be my first call!"


"I'm glad you sent this last text! I believe I am ready to purchase and need to start the process!"

"We are looking for a lake house around $250K, can you assist us?!"

"So glad you reached out! My brother is moving home from AZ and he needs someone to help him find home, can I get you guys connected?!"

"Guess what???? We are READDYYYY for you to list our house! Are you free tomorrow to chat?"

"I seriously appreciate these messages, very cute! We are almost ready to start our search... looking forward to having you house hunt with us!"

Responses From Our Users!

"Look at this text I got from this month's campaign! This guy was BURIED in my contacts and I forgot he was there. This WORKS! Thank you guys."

"GUESS WHAT!! We just got our first listing from using the system!!! We are believers. 300K listing and we are meeting with them tomorrow. Can't wait to see what else this year brings."

"Pretty legit system!! Thanks for getting us going on this, we had a ton of great responses and had a lot of fun chatting back and forth with people we haven't talked to in awhile."

"Hey! Another person in my office just sent his first campaign and said he's "hooked" LOL. Can you please get my account going for this next one?!" 

"Yeah... this was incredible. I'm sharing with everyone hehe ;) Appreciate you guys!"

January Update

We kindly request a few minutes of your time to thoroughly read this message, as it contains an abundance of exciting updates, changes, and new features. Brace yourselves for the multitude of amazing things coming your way this year!!


Birthday and Anniversary Texts: 

We are thrilled to announce that our birthday and sale anniversary campaigns will go LIVE tomorrow!! (01/12/2024) If you have entered a birthday on the customer profile screen, our system will automatically send a Happy Birthday design to your customers. Each morning, our TNT team will notify you via text message about the delivery of these so you know how many are going out and to who— This will serve as an additional STRONG method to remain at the forefront of your customers' minds. 


*In reference to the Sale Anniversary text campaigns, these will also be sent if you have entered in a sale date on your customer profile screen. Please note we understand that this will not apply to some of our clients.*


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Copy of Phone number (4).jpg

Billing Update: 

In your monthly billing invoice, you will notice a line item charge of 12 cents per text for all the birthday and sale anniversary texts from the previous month, if applicable. 

New Tutorial Videos: 

We are excited to share that we have created short video trainings to provide you with step-by-step instructions on various topics, such as updating your credit card information, adding new members, and more. These videos are designed to answer your questions and help you navigate through different tasks.


Meet and Greet Feature: 

"Exciting news ahead! Our highly successful textNtouch mobile app, which launched in 2023, is about to get even better!! We are thrilled to introduce a range of new features and benefits this year. One of the game-changing additions is our Meet and Greet feature, specifically designed to enhance your database building experience. With this feature, you can instantly add contacts to your database and send them professionally designed messages, creating a lasting first impression.


You'll have a wide array of design options to choose from, such as 'It was great meeting you today,' 'Just want to stay connected,' and 'Great talking with you today.' This ensures that you have the perfect wording selection for every scenario. The most amazing aspect of the Meet and Greet feature is that your customers will be automatically added to your TNT database. This powerful new addition sets you apart instantly, offering a seamless and efficient experience.


My Leads: 

Lastly, you can expect another incredible feature in your mobile app called "My Leads." Once you start receiving responses from your campaigns in the TNT messenger, you'll have the ability to swiftly transfer your warm leads and interested customers into a designated leads bin. This convenient feature allows for easy access and efficient organization of your leads, ensuring you can stay on top of your prospects effortlessly.


Stay tuned for more news and updates as we continuously enhance our app and system to cater to your evolving needs. We greatly appreciate your continued support as a valued TNT user, and we are thrilled to embark on an amazing journey together in 2024!

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